Saturday, February 27, 2010

Color with Caryn Grand Opening + Freebie!

Caryn of Color with Caryn is having a Grand Opening sale at DigiDesignResort - everything is 30% off!

To celebrate I have created a little freebie for you from some of Caryn's amazing CU products :)

Check them out:

Before I show you the preview and give you the link I thought I would explain a little. Late one night, when I was rudely awoken by something (probably hubby's snoring) I got to thinking about how I like the idea of quick pages - sometimes I would love to whip up a pretty page and be done. What I don't like is the excecution. I don't like that my photo HAS to be in the left hand corner or in the middle. I don't like that there are no options what-so-ever.

With this in mind, I have created a freebie with a few options for creating your very own quick page.

Download here and here.

I would really love to hear your thoughts and see your pages with this as I had fun creating this. So comment away :)

I also decided to do a QP of my own to demonstrate.

You can grab it here.

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  1. I LOVE your idea! I've often lamented that QP's are great but too restrictive. I would like more input....let me put the frame where I want it, or the cluster just a bit more to the right or the left..or even at the top, if I so, that said, I love the idea of more freedom....I'm off to open your files and fiddle to my heart's content!! Thank you very much!!!
    Faith at
    (I never read my google account!)

  2. LOVE the idea!!!!!! Can't wait to see what I come up with. THANK YOU! :D