Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet My CT

I have recently acquired a new and brilliant CT member and it made me realise I should have introduced you to the amazing girls who help me out by producing wonderful LOs before now!

So, in order of having joined me - here they are :)

Jane has been with me since the beginning and is always ready and willing to play with whatever I ask her and give me her thoughts. She has three adorable kiddos who feature in her layouts.

Her newest LO for me is, ironically, one OF me as we're participating in ADSR #5 - go see our blog for more info on the race.

Talia and I have been on at least three CTs together, I think. I am so thrilled she wants to be a part of my team. She has a beautiful little girl who gives her plenty of stories to scrap.

I have already blogged her most recent LO - you can find it here.

My mum is an honorary member - she has not had much time to scrap since joining us, but I am hoping she will soon do more. In fact, she has not done a LO for me since Blessed; my first kit! I do have it on good authority that she has started one with Swan...

Leticia joined us recently, she is a new scrapper and has two very gorgeous littlies. I am so pleased she chose to work with us and can't wait to give her more to work with :) AND today is her birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

This is her most recent LO

Rae has joined us in the last fortnight - she and I actually went to preschool and kindy together. She has been scrapping all of a week or so and is turning out amazing layouts. I had to have her on my team! She has the most precious little boy, who I have watched grow over Facebook (God bless FB).

Here are the LOs she has done for me using Swan

So, there you have it! My girls :) They're all so patient with me (since I take so long to give them something new) and they're all amazing, friendly, strong women that I am honored to know.

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  1. Hi girls! *wave wave* Looking forward to see your beautiful LO's!