Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Kid Now + Freebie :)

My new kit is in store now!! Created to help me document and chart my daughter's potty training, Big Kid Now is full of fun elements and bright, happy colours.

Along with the 13 papers and 60 elements, the kit also contains a full alpha and a potty training template
I have also made a little add on with a few fun potty training elements in it.


Big Kid Now is currently 30% off , making it $2.79!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming Soon + WIN!!!

Want a look at what's coming??

As today is my anniversary, I want to give my New Release away to three people BEFORE it's in store!!! To win, all you have to do is comment on this post. Too easy!!

Here are some LOs to give you an idea ;)

And don't forget my 30% off sale in my store!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daisy Dreams - Color With Caryn

Okay - you have to check out this kit from Color with Caryn. Daisy Dreams is completely stunning. I love the colours, they're soft, pretty and remind me of spring.

I am excited to say it doesn't end there! Also available is this pretty alpha (which is included in the kit)

Need some CU glitter or styles?? She's got some of them, too!

Newly available is a Daisy Dreams quickalbum - just slip in your photo and add your own touches and you have a quick, easy and beautiful 12x12 album

and co-ordinating Cluster Frames.

There's not a single accessory Caryn hasn't thought of in order to help you build gorgeous layouts and albums. All this is currently 40% off, so don't delay - pop over to Caryn's store now!!

To top it off you can get ALL this in the Daisy Dreams Bundle for an amazing $9.99, that's 58% off - you'd better hurry, it's only this cheap for a limited time!

Here is my second last layout for ADSR#5 using Daisy Dreams. I just loved the colours with my b+w photo!

Well, I am all inspired to go and scrap something new with this kit ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Anniversary Sale!

Thursday is my (or OURS even) third anniversary and I thought it would be a good time to have a sale!!

My entire store is 30% off from the 23rd to the 28th of March and on the 25th I will be popping in here and on my FB fan page to give away a RAK or two and some coupons, so don't forget to become a fan and follow my blog! If you do the whole Twitter thing, I might have some RAKs/coupons to give away there, too ;) Follow me here.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's all the hoohar?

Before joining ADSR#5 I wasn't aware of the drama that could develop within the scrapping community over some, seemingly, small things. When the ATC cards came up as a challenge I was quite surprised by the passionate debate which erupted. I love a good debate and think it's important for all parties to be able to voice their opinions in a safe and tolerant environment. I like to make an informed decision, so to me it's interesting to see things from everyone's perspective. Unfortunately, there was a lot of snarky remarks and nastiness.

Since then I have had my attention drawn to a blog post which has stirred much debate. 5 Reasons NOT to Post Credit is an interesting read and I would encourage you to go and take a look and read some of the replies. To my mind, this has brought up some legitimate points and got me thinking about things I hadn't really thought about before, even in regards to my own TOU. The post has caused a stir at DST with the debate raging over many pages. I read about 5 pages of it before I walked away to consider my own thoughts on the matter.

Jane opened a thread on my personal CT about it so that we could discuss our thoughts on it and this is what I had to say:

Okay, here's my two cents: As a designer I appreciate people crediting me, for the obvious reasons. I hope that someone will come along, like the LO, see the credits and pop over to my store. That being said I would not get my knickers in a bunch if I were to see someone had posted a layout using my kit without credits (unless it's a CT LO Twisted Evil ).

As a scrapper I credit. I do not feel obliged, I want to share the amazing work of the designers who work so hard and am happy to. I keep notepad open and just jot things down as I go and then copy and paste. It's quick and easy and even if crediting weren't required, I would do it. There are always times when it's east to add a little something else and forget to add the designer, like a staple or button. In this case I don't worry too much if I forget. I figure nobody's going to hunt me down for that.

My girls have voiced though provoking opinions (in a nice, supportive way I might add) and it has added to all I have to think about. I had never realised the stipulation of required credit caused some people worry and stopped them from sharing their work in galleries and I, for one, don't want to cause such feelings. The whole reason I scrap + share is to express myself and to join in the community - I would hate to be unable to do that.

With all I have read and learnt I have decided to 1) Make my TOU publicly available, so that those who would like full disclosure about my Terms before buying can have them and make their own informed decision and 2) Remove the requirement for crediting.

As a designer, I feel this is the right decision for me and I feel happy about the change. As a scrapper, my change in TOU will not change the fact that I credit for the layouts I post in galleries - whether they are CT LOs or not and whether it's required or not.

You can find my revamped TOU here.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Template Basics 2

I have released a new pack of templates into my store, Template Basics 2. They are available in my store for $1.50.

Some of my gals have done beautiful LOs for me -

Using Swan

Using Little Man

Using Blessed and Be Mine, Valentine Alpha

Using Blessed

Using Blessed
Wordart by Bekah E Designs
PS Action by Totally Rad Actions

Thanks girls!!

Don't forget to grab my Date Me freebie!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hello all :) I have been so slack updating here. I've been unwell since returning from looing after my mum and the past few days I have just felt dead. I would just really love to sleep for a whole day and have someone deal with the kiddos and look after me. That would be bliss!

Now, I LOVE date elements and have often thought about creating some and simply never got around to it. Until today! Caryn of Color with Caryn has release an awesome cardboard styles that just screamed 'Date Me'. I seriously love these styles.

Also used in this freebie:

Style Essentials: Colored Kraft Paper

Style Essentials: Glitter Mega Pack

Caryn's styles are my favourite and have been invaluable in my designing journey. So, onto my freebie for you! Pop over to Caryn's store to see all her fabulous products!

Date Me contains one date wheel and 8 date markers. I would love if you'd leave a comment when you download!